How to Attract Younger Members…Really
On this episode of CU 2.0, our Co-founder and CRO, Barry Kirby, discusses three tactics he believes are helping credit unions attract the members they covet. While he acknowledges the “liquidity crisis” that credit unions are currently focused on, he predicts that this “crisis” will dissipate as we transition into the next segment of the cycle. What will persist, however, is the credit union’s challenge in enticing the younger generation with what they desire from a financial institution.
Union Credit Shares 3 Strategies for Credit Unions to Attract Younger Members in 2024
​Barry Kirby, Co-founder and Chief Revenue Officer of Union Credit, joined us on the show to share customer acquisition strategies for community financial institutions in 2024, as competing fintechs and a tightening economy calls for a new perspective from today’s credit unions.