Way.com Provides Drivers with Access to Competitive, Local Auto Financing from the Union Credit Marketplace

Fintech super-app embeds pre-approved, one-click offers for consumers to finance vehicles at local credit unions

SANTA ROSA, Calif.–(BUSINESS WIRE)– Union Credit, the first marketplace for credit unions to make firm, one-click credit offers at the point of purchase, announced today their partnership with Way.com. The nation’s largest auto super-app now provides its 6.5 million drivers with access to healthy financing options from local credit unions.

Way.com users will gain access to a menu of healthy, pre-approved, auto-refinancing options from local credit unions at the point of purchase. (Graphic: Business Wire)

Way.com’s large and diverse user base enables Union Credit, a fintech startup, to support its mission to make healthy financial opportunities more widely available by bringing credit unions into new markets. Car owners can connect with local credit union lenders that have competitive auto refinancing on the Way.com site. The pre-approved, locally sourced opportunities support the super-app with additional resources for competitive financial options.

Credit unions gain new, credit-worthy members from outside their member base, while Way.com benefits from offering its customers local, advantageous, and competitive offers that meet their needs and interests. And, consumers who use Way.com gain visibility into their purchasing power, opening new opportunities for better auto financing.

Nagappan Arunachalam, Chief Product and Marketing Officer at Way.com, said, “This partnership aligns perfectly with our commitment to make car ownership affordable for all Americans, particularly during times of economic uncertainty. It’s important and timely to expand access to a wider range of credit options when many are facing the effects of inflation and financial strain. With Union Credit, we empower drivers with the knowledge they need to make informed and responsible financial choices without the guesswork.”

Once Way.com users select a local credit union for financing, additional options are available to further support their financial needs, including insurance and warranty offers. These added possibilities allow credit unions to establish long-lasting relationships with their new members.

Dave Buerger, CEO at Union Credit, said “The automotive market is ripe for disruption, and our partnership with Way.com will introduce their 6.5 million users to a nationwide network of trust-worthy credit unions that are eager to serve with an array of highly competitive products. Pre-approved, one-click offers give consumers the transparency and confidence they need to know if they are in the best position financially, which is of growing importance in a quickly changing economy. This partnership provides another means for Way.com users to save while giving credit unions a unique opportunity to serve emerging markets.”

About Union Credit

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